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成人片-The 2019 #FreshForecast: Gemini

成 人影片 免费观看网站-By Renowned Astrologer Susan Miller

成 人 动漫在线-May 21 – June 20


成人片-You are a master of communication, choosing your words with the care and precision of a wizard creating a magic potion. You know that words distill attitude and emotion, which is why you are called the zodiac’s scribe and a modern-day journalist. You are an air sign, so everything about you is quick: the way you think, talk, walk, and make up your mind.

成人片-You love to read, you absorb facts easily, and you can easily run circles around those who dare to debate with you. Your talent using words and in other communication arts make you a standout in publishing, broadcasting, public relations, marketing, advertising, social media, or in working as a trial attorney.

                  日本成人电影-You appear far younger than your years, and you’re known to look young and act in a cool, hip way throughout your life. Your mind and spirit remain young, too. You are the most flexible and resourceful of all the signs, so when you face an obstacle, you are quick to find several alternatives, picking the one that’s best and leaving the rest. It’s not uncommon for you to study and carry notes while you’re shopping. When you find something you love, you often buy two to save time—for you have plenty to do!

                  成人免费视频-In love, you are a kaleidoscope of change, and you keep your partner forever fascinated. You need a partner who likes to communicate. Late-night talks over espresso and pastries are fun for you: exchanging ideas, unlocking answers, sharing inspirations, and finding insights that you would never have generated without the give and take of a discussion with the one you love. Indeed, for you dear Gemini, words are the key to your heart.

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                                  日本成人电影-Last year, you focused on your health and fitness; and now, as you move into 2019, the emphasis will change. From now on, working in collaboration with others will bring you your greatest personal growth, along with profits…

                                  成 人 动漫在线-FULL FORECAST

                                • 日本成人电影-Your seventh house is essentially the place where you negotiate serious contractual agreements of all kinds, including marriage. Jupiter will remain here until December 2nd. If you marry before the year’s end, you will have chosen the very best year in 12 years in which to tie the knot. If you are already wed, you will see your partner prosper—and, by default, you will benefit as well.

                                  成人片-If you work in a field where others represent you, or if you work closely with an expert on a one-on-one basis, you will find that the people you work with are gems. Similarly, if you work one-on-one with talent or clients, you will find one among them to be a star—and together, you can go far. In 2019, collaboration will be your golden key to success. Don’t try to fly solo. Sign a serious, official contract with the expert you align with, and listen to your expert’s advice. If you are the advisor, have confidence: you will be magic together.

                                  成人片-In matters of love, October is likely to be your best month. Mars will circulate in your true love sector from October 3rd to November 18th, suggesting that you can start a new cycle in matters of the heart, or add passion to a present, long-term relationship. Venus, the love-me planet, and your own ruler, Mercury, will be in your love sector, too—a good sign that you’ll be ready to give your heart openly once you sense trust. If a relationship is new, enter into it slowly to protect your heart as well as your finances—a recurring theme in 2019.

                                  成 人 动漫在线-Get engaged after the September 28th new moon, but avoid signing a pre-nuptial agreement or any contract at that time. Already wed? Save up for a fun activity that you can do together. A sterling time to wed will be during the new moon on November 26th, when Venus snuggles close to Jupiter, and the new moon lights up your house of commitment.

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